How To Register .Com Domains At GoDaddy For Less Than $2


As I said in my previous post (best free online logo and banner making websites), that in next post I will going to tell you how to get domains at GoDaddy in cheap rate. I wish that today's post will focus on another issue,but because of my promise I am going to share this post.

How to register domains at GoDaddy at the best price? 

When I say register a domains from GoDadday in the best price, what is that the best price. Let's get deals with discounts above 75%... 
How to Register A .Com Domains At GoDaddy For Less Than $2

If you want to get domains at GoDaddy for 1-2 dollars (or so ...), follow these steps:

1. Go to the Google Chrome browser. If you have not installed on your computer, you can download it via this link...!!!

2. Download and install the extension for Chrome, Honey (please click here to download). For those who do not know (I found out just recently), Honey is an application that searches for all discount coupons and have gotten up that offers the best, that is, the best price. You can use it to more than 100 online shopping sites to get the best deals. 3. Now we go back to GoDaddy . I think you all know how to register a domain from GoDaddy. Following all the steps correctly, we come to the next page where we would review our request. I show it as it comes to me and you can see the price.
How to Register A .Com Domains At GoDaddy For Less Than $2

4.Now click on the Try Codes button.

What will happen is magic now, lol. Honey starts to search among the best coupons, and you end up giving the best.

5. This is the final result, and what you'll see is the final price after Honey has applied us the best discount coupon for you.
How to Register A .Com Domains At GoDaddy For Less Than $2

That's all. I hope you enjoyed this little trick I shared with you. You can also earn money my re selling domain in $5-6. Or you can start a blog and attach your domain with your blog. If your don't know how to make blog then check this post how to start a blog and make money from blogging. My only request is that if you liked this post and if you think it is helpful, then share it with your friends.

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