Best Free SEO Tools For Website Ranking In Google


What is SEO? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, a technique used to improve the positioning of a website in different search engines.

SEO positions a page naturally and in the long term. However, there are other strategies such as Social Media Optimization that implements the use of social networks, but is limited and momentary level finders. In addition, the Search Engine Marketing or Search Media Marketing, unlike the others, are payment strategies in browsers and social platforms respectively.

There are plenty of tools for web positioning (almost tend to infinity). But there is such competition that many of them are completely free or limited version is useful now.

If you focus on positioning or work to improve it, you are sure to try to test the vast majority of tools, and depending on how you work, you end up using a fully customized combination of tools.

Besides being essential they are also free, a feature that makes them very succulent regardless of the level of knowledge you have.

Best Free SEO Tools For Website Ranking In Google

Best Free SEO Tools For Website Ranking In Google Are:-

1.Article Rewriter:  This is one of the best online Article Rewriter tool. Now you don't need to write long posts by own. You can use this tool for rewriting any article to generate the original content.

2.Plagiarism CheckerThe Plagiarism Checker is check weather the content you are to share on your blog is copied or unique. This is very useful SEO tool.

3.Backlink MakerWhenever we talk about SEO, the first thing comes in our mind is backlink. Making backlink is very important to rank any website or post. This backlink maker tool will create high quality links for you website in a single click.

4.Meta Tag GeneraterThis SEO tool will create Meta Tag for your website.

5.Keyword Position CheckerThis is most important SEO Tools which let you know that you are going right or not. This tool helps you to check weather your keywords are ranking or not.

6.Robots.txt GeneratorIt is a simple tool which helps you to create robot.txt file for your website.

7.XML Sitemap GeneratorSubmitting XML sitemap is very important in SEO. This tool will create XML sitemap which you can submit in google webmaster.

8.Backlink Checker: This SEO tool will check all the sites which is pointing on your site(backlink)

9.Alexa Rank CheckerAlexa rank is given according to the website traffic by And this tool will helps you to check your website alexa rank.

10.Word CounterThis tool will help you to count the words of your post.

11.Online Ping Website ToolThis tools will helps to know the google that our blog has new content.

12.Link AnalyzerHow many links are out of a website? How many are external and how many are? Are all dofollow or nofollow there also? With our awesome free links analyzer, you can have all that information in one second.

13.IP Address CheckerWith this simple tool you can check your ip address and other data.

14.Keyword Density CheckerThis is also a very important SEO tool. It will check the percentage of keyword on particular page. Keyword density is very important in SEO.

15.Google Malware CheckerWith the help of this tool, you can check if the webpage is infected or not.

16.Domain Age CheckerDomain age plays a very important role ranking in google. With this tool, you can check the age of domain.

17.Whois Checker: With this SEO tool you can check domain's, registration date, expiration date, register, name of the owner, postal address, email, nameservers Etc.

18.Domain To Ip CheckerThis is a very simple but useful tool which check the ip of domain in a click.

19.Dmoz Listing CheckerWith our this tool you can submit upto 100 url at a time to check weather they are in Dmoz Listing or not.

20.URL Rewriting ToolThis tool will create .htaccess file for your site which is also very important for SEO.

21.www Redirect CheckerThis tool will just check you site link without WWW redirecting to the site with WWW or not.

22.Mozrank CheckerMozrank defines the importance of a website on the basis of it's backlinks. With Mozrank Checker tool, you can check the mozrank of your site in single click.

23.URL Encoder / DecoderSimply input a string of text to encode/decode quickly then click on “Check” to view the results.

24.Server Status CheckerThe server status checker is a awesome tool which let you to check the status of 100 pages at a time.

25.Webpage Screen Resolution SimulatorSometime you need to check the resolution of your website in various sizes. But it is impossible to have all sizes of mobile,pc and laptops. So with this tool you can easily check your website in any site.

26.Page Size CheckerWith this tool, you can check the size of your website in some clicks.

27.Reverse IP Domain CheckerThis tool will helps you to check the domain name of a ip address. 

28.Blacklist LookupThis is a fantastic tool which let you to check if your check website is penalized or not.

29.AVG Antivirus CheckerThis AVG Antivirus Checker will helps you find the infected webpages of your website.

30.Domain Price CalculatorWith this tool, you can check the price of a domain.

31.Website Screenshot GeneratorJust submit any website link and this tool will generate the screenshot of that website.

32.Domain Hosting CheckerWhenever you want to check hosting provider of any website then you can use this domain hosting checker tool.

33.Get Source Code of WebpageWith this tool you can get the source file of any webpage.

34.Google Index Checker: With this fantastic tool you can total indexed pages in google of any website in some clicks.

35.Website Links Count CheckerThis SEO Tool is very important which count the total internal and external link pointing to submitted webpage.

36.Class C Ip CheckerThis tool allows the webmaster know if multiple domains are in the same class C IP with the same rank

37.Online Md5 GeneratorWith this tool you can create our file MD5 hash easily, fast and free.

38.Page Speed CheckerWith this free SEO tool you can check the speed of a web page which help you to analyze the loading time and speed of any site

39.Code to Text Ratio CheckerThis tool check the code to text ratio of any webpage. It is very important in SEO.

40.Find DNS RecordsWith this tool, you can get all domain related information: IP address, class, nameservers and the name of the hosting provider, among many other details.

41.What is my browserWith this tool, you can check you browser details like name,version and os.

42.Email Privacy: The tester privacy of your email checks for email on your page and protects any webmaster on issues of security and privacy.

43.Google Cache Checker: This SEO Tool will check your webpage is cached by google or not.

44.Broken Links FinderBroken links affects your web position negatively and it is very important to find these broken links and remove. So this SEO Tool will helps you to find these broken links.

45.Search Engine Spider SimulatorThis simulator robot search engine allows you to analyze what the different search engines crawlers like Googlebot see when they crawl your website.

46.Keywords Suggestion ToolKeywords Suggestion Tool will suggest best keyword to rank for your site.

47.Domain Authority CheckerThis tool will let you check Domain Authority of 20 domain at a time.

48.Meta Tags AnalyzerThis tool will analyse all meta tags of your webpage within a minute.

49.Page Authority CheckerThis tool will let you check Page Authority of 20 webpages at a time.

50.Pagespeed Insights CheckerWith Pagespeed Insights Checker you can check the speed of any site or page.

So these are the Best Free SEO Tools For Website Ranking In Google. 

These are very important tool for position your website. Now go and start ranking your website with the help of these tools.

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