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Playing games on the social networking giant Facebook is pretty common these days. There are Thousands of popular & Addictive games on Facebook and among those infinite games available on this site, Candy Crush Saga have gained so much hype & exploded in fame and huge popularity on Facebook over these years. Its obvious that you might have played lots of games on Facebook but, many of the users probably aren’t aware of the hidden secret games inside the company’s very own Messenger app. I have shared new features on facebook messenger but did you know that the Facebook has been hiding a CHESS game inside the Facebook’s Messenger App that lets you do more than just sending private messages & video calls? if you think so, then you are wrong.

How To Play Hidden Chess Game Inside Facebook Messenger

There is something that you might never have noticed on Facebook messenger. It’s not a secret anymore that you can even play a game of chess within the Messenger application and it just takes one simple step to unlock this feature. Of course hidden game on the Messenger is not at all the best online chess experience, but it’s a fun little Easter egg to play around with. Here is How you do it ….

What actually one can do with Facebook Messenger?

  • Message with your friends
  • Exchange GIFs, stickers, and photos
  • Do video calls
  • Send money to people in Facebook Messenger

Hidden game inside Facebook Messenger

Just Wondering how can you play a Chess game on the Facebook Messenger? Yes, as i said above its possible. Facebook has made it to the reality by creating a hidden nothing but a built-in functionality in Facebook Messenger that allows you to play Chess with your friends without having to install any third-party app. It just takes one straight forward step to unlock this hidden game and play it on the Facebook Messenger while connecting with with your friends.

How to Play the Hidden Chess Game on your Messenger?

  • Simply go through the instructions below to unlock the chess game feature and get started on this ancient game which is based on the war strategy.
  • Firstly, start conversation with one of your friends and type “@fbchess play” into the chat box.
  • Even during conversation, a small square box which is nothing a chess board appears at the Messenger window.
  • The person who opened the game would immediately be assigned “White” side by default, to make the first move.
  • These are some standard algebraic notations. Check out below:
  1. B to move “Bishop”
  2. R to move “Rook”
  3. Q to move “Queen”
  4. K to move “King”
  5. N to move “Knight”
  6. P to move “Pawn”
  • To move a piece, type any of the alphabet mentioned above and space on the board that moves you wish to make along the vertical axes.
How To Play Hidden Chess Game Inside Facebook Messenger
  • For ex: If you want to move a pawn to the space labeled F3 on board, just type in @fbchess Pf3.
  • If you need any help/assistance, you could just refer to the help section by inserting the command “@fbchess helpwithout “” for the all possible commands.
  • You should notice that the commands are always case sensitive. The board itself will update and notify you whether it is your turn to play.
  • You can even have an option undoing if any of your move goes wrong with @fbchess undo command or by clicking the “undo” button. But your opponent player has to accept your request to undo.
  • If you want to make the chess board larger in size, just hit the settings button and select See full conversation.
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The game will also let you have a chat even while playing the game with your friend, app auto-resumes the game by issuing the game commands. Facebook Chess is available for both mobile and web platforms and it removes the necessity to download it separately. This new prolific Time Killer Game will begin to entertain you by intensifying your brain at the same time having a chat with your partner.

How To Play Hidden Chess Game Inside Facebook Messenger

Faced with such diversity of social networks completely different internet, we are registered in several of them and we want to be actively involved, alternate solutions need to keep ourselves updated without having to manually enter and publish each. 
Many of us do not have the time to do it regularly and over time we're moving away from some. 
There are several online services that allow you to manage multiple accounts on social networks, but buffer offers the ideal solution. 
How To Publish On Several Social Networking Accounts Simultaneously

Buffer manage Facebook and other social networks

Buffer is an excellent publications manager for accounts in social networks Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. 
It allows you to publish text or images and publications program for the hours that we consider most important. 
It also allows us to consult the statistics of what we publish, to know its extent and whether they are shared. 
We can access or publish directly Buffer using an extension or bookmarklet to the browser.

To start using Buffer follow these steps: 
• Buffer access using the following address:
• Add the accounts to publish content.
• In the window "Settings" Select the hours to publish and if you want to shorten URLs.
• Select the account and enter or upload the image to publish.
• Give a click on the "Buffer" button to add the publication to the queue.

Alternatives to Buffer to post on several social networking accounts

There are several services on the Internet, not with the same functionality Buffer, but that can be very practical for some specific social networks. 

Twitter service for managing multiple accounts on this network. 
Previously also allowed to manage accounts for Facebook, but now only supports Twitter. 

It is ideal because it allows a panel practically manage our accounts or profiles on major social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, Foursquare, WordPress and mixi. 
Can also add in our Apps account to post on other sites like Blogger, MySpace, Instagram, Flickr, YouTube, SlideShare, etc. 
You can write updates, add links, upload photos, monitor comments and follow conversations. 
But not only create simple publications, you can create a blog post full of Wordpress or Blogger. 
We can use it from the PC, but also has applications for your phone or tablet. 
It is accessible to everyone because most can suffice free, limited option to 5 scores. 
For the more demanding it will be necessary to pay for the Pro (9 USD) option, with unlimited options. 
The free account allows to manage plus 5 scores, schedule updates, shorten URL, get statistics and include 2 Facebook RSS feeds. 

Sprout Social and Sendible 
Two powerful alternative to Buffer, but provide no-cost option, only one trial. 

Free to manage multiple Facebook accounts (profiles and pages), Twitter and Linkedin service. 

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Last Words: In this tutorial, I have shared some website which helps you to publish/share your post in several social networking accounts simultaneously. If you have any query regarding this tut, then feel free and ask in comment box.

How To Publish On Several Social Networking Accounts Simultaneously

Facebook chat heads is a way which helps you to know who sent message to you. Chat head is a small icons that appear on your official app( Facebook Messenger) every time when someone sends you a message Some time ago, this feature is only available in android phones, But the developer of the Chrome Store has discovered a way to enable the same function in Google Chrome browser of Pc. Now you will be able to see the chat heads in your pc with google chrome browser.

How To Enable Facebook Chat Head In Your Pc

Enable Facebook Chat Heads in PC

Now you need to install an extension for Chrome called allowing us to use the Facebook chat in Google Chrome. only runs in Google Chrome browser so you can not use any browser other than Google Chrome.
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You must be logged into your Facebook account, before you follow the following procedure.

1. Now you have to download the Google Chrome extension from the Google web store.  So click here...

2. Once you are there, click on the button that says "FREE" .This will start the download.

3. You should now see a pop-up menu asking for confirmation ,click the button that says "Add" .This will add the extension to your browser.

4. Once installed the extension, you'll see a confirmation message that shows the installation is successfully completed.

5. Now click on the extension icon to the browser in the upper right corner. Now you can see all the conversations you've had so far.

Now,when someone sends you a message on Facebook, you'll be able to see a chat head in your google chrome browser similar to , what was in the Facebook Messenger application on your smartphone.
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Last Words: Facebook Chat Heads is one of the greatest ways to keep in touch with the people important to you, ignoring everything else that has no use for you. From now you will able to use this feature in your pc also. Thanks for visit our site. If your have any problem regarding this trick, then feel free and ask in comment box. And share this trick with your friends, because sharing is caring..!!!

How To Enable Facebook Chat Head In Your Pc

Hello Friends!! From last many days I got many requests from my visitors , friends to share a trick 'How to bypass photo tag verification of Facebook' with best and easy way, so for this I come with a amazing trick. Few month ago I was also facing this problem but I easily bypass photo verification with this trick.

How To Bypass [FB] Photo Tag Verication 2015 [100% Working]

Why You Face Photo Tag Verification Problem?

Many facebook users thinks that why Fb wants proof of there identity after using real name and real pic. The reason is simple , its a Fb security system. I means when FB notice that any user using any feature excessively , Than Fb security system thing that the person may be spammer or its a fake. So Fb security system catch the person and put photo tag veification on his/her id.

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There are two method of verification

1st method:-

1) Download and install TunnelBear app in your android or iPhone and make a new account.

2)Now change your location to Japan.

3)Then login your blocked facebook account and enter catcha code.

Here you will notice that there is no pic verification instead it will ask your phone number

4)Just change japan phone code to your country code and enter your phone number.

5)Now you will get a confirmation code in your phone number,just enter this code and you will be login your account.

2nd Method(It is difficult than 1st)-

1)Login to your facebook Account , afte this you will be forced to enter the captcha and then the step come in which you were asked to identify the photos in which your friends are tagged.

Here we will get 5 chances[5 photos + 2 skip option]

2)Now you have to just take a screen shot of 7 pictures one by one and save with 1,2,3,4.... [also use both skip options]

3)Repeat the step 2 again and again [depends on number of friends you have in your account]
If you have between 50-100 friends then you need atleast 20 images..

4)Now when the same pic will come , just compare the pic with the previous screen shot of the same pic and you will see 5 names are different and 1 is match the previous pic names.

Here you can see Prem Pasricha in both pics,so Prem Pasricha is the correct answer.

5)Now you got one correct answer. Just save the answer in the notepad or any notebook.

Again when you will se the same pic , just compare and find the same name.

Do again and again these steps till than you got all the answer.

Note:In one day you can try only 3 times. And you have to do this for 2-3 days.

Once you find all your friends photos just try to solve the verification.

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Last Word: Well here is the end of article. I hope you will be able to bypass photo tag verification of your account. If you want to ask any question regarding this article then feel free and ask in comment box.

How To Bypass [FB] Photo Tag Verication 2015 [100% Working]

This is very useful trick of facebook for those who love privacy. And do not like other to know when you see their messages. So today I show you to how you can disable seen feature on facebook.

How To Disable Seen Feature Of Facebook Message

Facebook created this “seen” function sometime ago. It provides read status of message to the sender. It means when anyone sends you a message, they will easily recognize whether and when you read the message. This function is very useful for the sender but it may cause problems for the receiver. To disable this seen feature , we have a Unseen Facebook Chrome Extension. This extension don’t permit Facebook to identify weather or whenever you read the messages.
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How to Install Unseen Facebook Chrome Extension
You can easily install this extension like you install other chrome extension. Just download this Unseen Facebook Chrome Extension in your google chrome. After installation you can see new app icon at the top right area.You need to just click on the icon to toggle Facebook seen feature On or off. This will disable seen feature on facebook in one click.
How To Disable Seen Feature Of Facebook Message

Last Words:Today I show you a simple trick to disable seen feature of facebook. This unseen Facebook chrome extension is very pretty and clean. If you love the privacy and do not want other to know when you look their messages then this is best extension for you. This is very simple trick but if you want to ask any question then you can ask in comment box.

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How To Disable Seen Feature Of Facebook Message

What do you mean by autolikers ?

Autolikers is a trick which helps in getting likes automatically. It provides likes on Fb profile pic, Fb status,or Fb Fan pages.There are many autolikers sites, some provides 100 likes at a time, some autolikers website provide 500 likes, some provides 1k likes and etc. Some of autolikers sites also have a auto follower and auto commenter feature.

Why we need autoliker ?

Autolikers is one of the best trick of our site. It is very useful trick because in our daily life we update many status, pics on our facebook timeline.  And we wants likes but it is very difficult to get hundreds of likes with minimum numbers of friends and without tagging therefore by the use of these best autolikers anybody can get hundreds or thousands of facebook likes on their status or on their pics as well as on their facebook fan pages very fast.
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Are these autolikers spam free?

Yes, all these facebook autolikers which are listed below are 100% spam free. These all autolikes are tested by us. You can use these without any fear.   

Note: Due to spam problems only top 4 Autoliker is working and safe.

Best 25 Autolikers Are-



Fb-Autoliker (Not Working)

Myliker(Too many ads)


Official-liker(Not Working)    


Mg-likers(Not Working)

There are more many Autoliker sites which you can try.




















How To Use Autoliker : Video tutorial
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Last thing:- These all autolikers are working and 100% spam free. You can get thousands of likes anytime , anywhere.  If you want to ask any question related to this article then you can ask in comment box. Thanx For visit and please keep visit.

Best 25 Facebook Autolikers

Share Facebook status Inverted (upside down)


Share Facebook status Inverted (upside down)

Sharing a facebook status is not a very big deal , butr sharing inverted facebook status is a amazing

Share Facebook status Inverted (upside down)

How To Share Facebook Post In Multiple Groups In one Click

Everyone knows that social websites like facebook is one of best place for all the website owner or  bloggers to share or promote their site/blog posts. If you share your posts on your  Fb wall or timeline
than you can reach only few people who saw your posts .In this case facebook groups helps to get more traffic on your posts.So for this we need to become membr of lots of groups and share our posts there. But it is very time consuming method to post in all the groups one by one.For sharing our posts we also facing same problem before. But now we found a solution  and today we share our posts in all groups in one click.

How To Share Facebook Post In Multiple Groups In one Click

How To Share Facebook Post In Multiple Groups In one Click

How you remove Photo tag Verification of Facebook

 How you remove Photo tag Verification of Facebook
How you  remove photo tag verification of Facebook with best and easy trick, so for giving to this question I come with a trick. This trick helps you to getting your Facebook account without doing any

How You Remove Photo Tag Verification of Facebook

How to Increase Facebook followers upto 20k

Today we are going to share a trick which helps you to get more followers easily. I hope this proves the best trick for you. You know people before few years takes no interest in increasing their followers but now every one wants to increase followers because its helps to increase there popularity, Some year ago most celebrity using twitter for their updates, But now days they also using facebook , You know  anyone popularity shown by there followers. If you also want to popularity than you must increase your followers, Because getting followers is not easy as getting likes, Its shows your original popularity.

How Followers helps to be Popular among Friends

If you also wanna increase your popularity among your friends than you have to  increase you Fb followers, You know anyone popularity shown by their Facebook fan page likes or their followers (How to get 20,000 likes On Fb Fan Page), Celebrity using these social site fb for only shows their popularity, they do this by Fb fan pages and by making a personal account On which they can add  five thousand friends only if they get more request than requests will convert into followers.

   How to Increase Facebook followers upto 20k

How you can get Free FB Followers

There are some sites which are selling followers so If are you have more money , you can buy these followers, But If you also trying to get it free then you may like our free trick. We also can see this How To Get Unlimited lives,lollipops in Candy Crush, This is also free trick.

Steps To Increase Fb Folowers

Step1)You have to login your Facebook Account.

Step2)Go to Wefbee's Facebook Auto Followers and select Auto Friend Request tool.


Step3)Now click on click here option and authorise HTC app.


Step4)Now in the end you will see 404 page not found error. Just close this tab and click on 2nd click here button. At the end, you will see long URL, just copy whole url and paste to blank box and click login.

Don't miss to Change Privacy from friends to public at the time of authorising HTC App.

Step5)Now Select "Use Auto Request" option.

Step6)In the end click on "Send Me Auto Requests".

Now you start getting friends request , But don not Accept any request.
Note : Don't do any more step after this.

   ' You can use this tool again and again for more requests.'     

If still facing any problem then watch Video Tutorial...!!!

   ''  After do This trick You will getting  friends Request, Do not Accept any request, so your friend request can convert into followers '     

This is very easy and simple tutorial , If you follow there all step than you will be successful , If you are facing any problem in completing this turtorial than you can comment in this post.
Tip: If you want followers fast and without any hustle, then you can buy facebook followers from us.
Last Thing:-
Hello guys,  I hope you will understand and also enjoing this trick, Bu Using this trick you can increase your followers faster and without paying money, Becaus it is totally free as well as best way, If you want to ask any question related to this article then you can drop a line in comment box. Thanks for visit and please keep visit for more tricks.

How to Increase Facebook followers upto 20k

How to Verified My Facebook Fan Page and Get Verified Logo

Facebook Fan Page Verification method or trick also submission of URL or Link is a  need of everyone now days, Get Verified logo for your business page or fan page is not a easy task, If you know the right method for submit or send  a Facebook fan page for verification than you can  get verifies logo very easily, This social site(facebook) always update or change there terms and policy. Facebook is free site using internet connection anyone can make Facebook profile(account) very easily without giving any type of identity proof. So people are continously making unlimited fake profile and fake pages of celebrities, Players,dancers, singers, Politicians,  and most popular peoples. So peoples are facing

How to Verified My Facebook Fan Page and Get Verified Logo

 How To Get 5000 facebook friends Request in One Day
 Can Anybody get 5000 Facebook friends in One Day?

Yes Guy, Anybody can Get 5000 Facebook friends in One Day, We had also share the trick with You "How to Invisible your fb profile name" .We are always share something new tricks with you. Today we are sharing this Amazing tricks on our site. With the help of this trick you can get more than 5000 Facebook friends request in one day, Its very simple method, also using this you can't be block. There are 100 of methods for this, but many of these are not working, And some methods are harmful for your account. This method is safe and also user friendly.

How To Get 5000 facebook friends request in One Day

Can Anyone Earn money with many friend?
Yes this is true you can earn money by using this trick , the reason is every one need more likes on their
page and large friends list account and companies want to promote there product on online, therefore you can earn money by promoting any company’s product. 

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Is This method is safe? 
There are many methods or tricks for this purpose, But all are not safe, Fb may be blocked you but this method is tested by us and are safe. We try this trick and Facebook was not blocked us therefore this is safe for you. This is a amazing trick by this you can get emails of persons who want more friends on there fb friend list Its like as a link exchange method.

Step1)You have to login your Facebook Account.

Step2)Go to Wefbee's Auto friend requester and select Auto Friend Request tool.


Step3)Now click on click here option and authorise HTC app.


Step4)Now in the end you will see 404 page not found error. Just close this tab and click on 2nd click here button. At the end, you will see long URL, just copy whole url and paste to blank box and click login.

Don't miss to Change Privacy from friends to public at the time of authorising HTC App.

Step5)Now Select "Use Auto Request" option.

Step6)In the end click on "Send Me Auto Requests".

Now you will start getting friends request. Check your facebook account.

Note-: You can use it again after every 5 minutes in a single day.

If still facing any problem then watch Video Tutorial...!!!
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Last thing:-
We are always trying to share something new and more useful tricks for you.This is not a official trick , So we are not responsible for any harm or violation activity of Facebook because its not follow by Facebook terms and policies. Please Share this article with your friends and you can Bookmark this site by Control + D, Thanks for visit and always keep it.

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How To Get 5000 facebook friends request in One Day

How to get 20,000 Likes on Facebook Page In a Week Free

Welcome to all visitors , Today we are sharing  a trick with you which teach How to get 20,000 Likes on facebook Page  In a Week. This is a fast and free trick . As you know we are always trying to share with you something new and  advance tricks , You know whats is mean by trick ? If you don't know what is trick  than i want to tell you that a tricks is the best method of doing any thing which gives you awesome features of site,related device, or work. If you are the daily visitor of our site  than you know that we are the master of tricks.  Some tricks are given by us and the some tricks are send by the our genius friends. This is our idea.

How to get 20,000 Likes on Facebook Page In a Week Free

How To Invisible The Facebook Profile name

I know all of you waiting for this trick. Now days this is very demanding trick on facebook. Many people

How To Invisible The Facebook Profile name

Now this one is really very funny.
you ever think that you can edit
freind’s Facebook status and
comments. We will show you how
you do this. Just follow these steps:
1. Open your browser
2. Create a new bookmark in your
browser by pasting following java
script in url field:
3. Save the Bookmark
4. Open your facebook account or
website you want to edit.
5. Now remain the Facebook open
open the recently added bookmark
start editing.
NOTE: This editing can be seen on
computer only unless and until you
will not share it via snapshot.


Step 1 - Download "Switchy" extension for Google chrome and then save this:- Proxy:- Port:- 8080 
Step 2 - Go to the page and click on "Update Page Info" and then click on "translated names". 
Step 3 - Right click on "Arabic" and then click on "Inspect Element". 
Step 4 - When the script copies the whole Arabic portion, then paste this code over there <tr class="_1hoi dataRow"><th class="label">English:</th><td class="data"><input type="text" class="inputtext" name="en_XX"></td></tr> 
Step 5 - Wait for 10-15 seconds then close the script. 
Step 6 - Now you will see in place of Arabic... it will be written "English'...
Step 7 - Now just write the desired name and then save the changes. (Name should not contain any special characters) 
Step 8 - Now click on "Address" and then save this address.... Jordan Amman, Jordan 00000 
Step 9 - Now refresh your browser and click on switchy and change the proxy to "Direct Connection" Now you can see your page is renamed.

How To Rename Fb Page After 200+ likes

How to Update  facebook status via many devices(mobiles). For example phones like iphone 5s, iphone 5, samsung galaxy s5 and samsung galaxy s4 aswell as ipad 2 and ipad 3 or computers. Just select the one you want from below.


This is a 101% working trick by which helps you to amaze your friends by updating your fb status via iPhone 5s, BlackBerry Q10,samsung galaxy s5 or by any other branded, expensive cellphone.
This is the most amazing trick in the whole world....
You might have seen whenever you update your fb status with any mobile phone, facebook  always mention your device name generally "via mobile". Like that if you post something on fb from iPhone5s then it will show as via iPhone 5s, but for that  you have to purchase iPhones. But here you no need to buy any expensive mobile phone all you have to do just login in your fb account & click on your favorite phone model listed below and  update your status & enjoy.

How to Update a facebook status via many devices(mobiles)

via hTC Sensation     via hTC Sense     via iOS     via iOS 7     

   via Nokia Lumia 925

via iPod Nano     via Macbook     

via Temple Run         

For posting on friend's wall - App Id& Friend Username.

For more smartphones , you can write in the comments box .

Thank you ...

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How to Update a facebook status via many devices(mobiles)