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How To Buy Social Media Followers/Page Likes/Views (Facebook / Instagram / Twitter / Youtube)

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How To Buy Social Media Followers/Likes/Views (Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/Youtube)

I have shared best ways to increase Facebook Followers, Twitter Followers, Google+ Followers and today I am going to shared best way to Increase Instagram Followers. If you follow this tutorial, you wouldn't need to buy instagram followers. As you can see right before our eyes, Instagram is now becoming a social media powerhouse. It is now getting into some serious mainstream with over a whooping 400 million monthly active users.

How To Build An Strong Instagram Followers Base From Scratch

On surface it looks bit like a combination of both Twitter and Pinterest. It plays on the visual obsession of our minds, and taps into the short attention spans of a generation. Along with its rapid growth, there comes a unique & strategic opportunity for marketing brands. And if you’re not just ready to ride that wave, you are missing out on a huge opportunity.

Right now is the best time to get started with Insta – it’s addictive,popular, fun, growing,user-friendly and has huge engagement levels.Which has the power to make a brand overnight success.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re just creating your personal profile or even managing your company’s social media account, the following tactics will surely help you build an Instagram following from Nill so let’s get started.

Increase Instagram Followers From The Scratch:

1. Map out your strategy:

Before doing anything else, you got to create a straight forward strategy for your Instagram activity. Here are some of the questions that might help you to lay out a plan:
  • What are you actually trying to do on Insta?
Do you want to build a community that unites each others to create a positive change? ; or do you want to drive traffic to your website and convert them into paying customers.
  • How Instagram is going to grow your business online?
You might think of Having a group of brand lovers who will spread your message large and wide and might help you in selling your products,or just drive targeted traffic back to your own website. It might also Strengthen brand awareness.
  • What does your audience want from you on Instagram?
Basically Instagrammers(insta users) are always on “scanning” mode – they might like something or they don’t as simple as that. Instagram is about capturing time to time real moments from life, so if you need to communicate with your audience in their native or comfortable language: be positive, be inspiring, be authentic,be kind,be respectful Nail down your client avatar and just see where a bunch of them hang out & stay on or abt their likes & dislikes.
And also keep an eye on What words, hashtags and filters do they use? Who do they follow? google out the top 100 hashtags from Websta and search relevant keywords and discover popular accounts & also get to know about your communities intrests & dislikes .    
             Once you get the basics right Go on and create your Insta Account.

2. Now it’s the time to Create your profile

Setting up your Insta prof is indeed quite easy and you just have to add your info in a few required sections:
  • Choose a profile image for yourself
That must be related to your business – it might be your logo, or a pic of your product anything that represents your business:
How To Build An Strong Instagram Followers Base From Scratch
  • Add your bio
When you don’t have a 100K followers on Twitter or you are not a uber popular brand, your bio has got to be more that just a bio it must be more compelling & appealing. You can use up to 200 characters to create your bio and introduce your business to people as why they should follow you and what’s in the store for them.
You can spice it up with various symbols make it more interesting & more of your business related.
How To Build An Strong Instagram Followers Base From Scratch
  • Add your website URL
Not much to explain adding a specific link of your site is surely a boost for your bio, make sure the url lands on a quick landing page.How To Build An Strong Instagram Followers Base From Scratch

3. Setup a content plan

A beginning, set yourself few goals and KPIs (key performance indicators) so you must keep a track of where you’re going. These terms are oftenly used.
  • Goal: A desired outcome.
  • KPIsKey metrics showing whether your performance is good enough to reach your outcome.
Here’s an example:
  • Goal: Have 1k followers.
  • KPIs: Number of likes, comments, shares, mentions, shoutouts.
And Once you set your goals, create an editorial calendar to automate your input and make sure your goals become inevitable. Tools you can use: Iconosquare, ScheduGram or Simply Measured (or a good old spreadsheet).
Only post those images that best illustrate the story your brand , and trigger emotions that make people feel part of your story. The anatomy of a successful Instagram post is beautiful imagery, compelling overlaying text, post descriptions, mentions, hashtags and few emojis.
  • Brand-related images
Put up some brand-related images, Sharing beautiful pics is a great way to communicate to your audience make them feel certain ways.
How To Build An Strong Instagram Followers Base From Scratch
Just see how starbucks is creative.
  • Reactive storytelling
This is what gains you new followers, Reactive storytelling is a combo of a trending topic and a compelling marketing message. This method lets you build an instant connection with your audience.
See how Big brands like Oreo are using reactive storytelling successfully.How To Build An Strong Instagram Followers Base From Scratch
  • Inspirational quotes
Who doesn’t like to feel inspired? It’s a fabulous way to trigger strong feelings.That will get you likes & Shares & more reach over your posts.How To Build An Strong Instagram Followers Base From Scratch

4. Build influencer relationships

Besides growing your audience, you gotta reach out to influencers & build partnerships, like Free offers for Shares or Paid Shoutouts Giveaways etc The easiest route is to network with Instagram Direct.

5. Manage your profile

After all that work You need to keep an eye on your feed and followers. Iconosquare is pretty easy to use tool that lets you view and browse Instagram from within their interface.
Pro Tip: If you don't want to hustle and want followers fast, then you can buy instagram followers from here.

Final words

Without a doubt Insta is a pretty straightforward platform, no over-complications in it. Remain crystal clear and creative in your posts and interact with your audience every day. 

But Insta’s real price consists of seeing how people behave with your brand and how they’re reaching out on your message. Last but not the least, make sure you integrate Instagram with other social networking platforms.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on Insta and see how it’s working for you and your business, so share your experience in the comments below.

How To Build An Strong Instagram Followers Base From Scratch