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If you first start in web publishing, you have a blog or a page and want your site to be popular because the content you offer is quality and interesting. 
You want to have more visitors your site to be recognized in the future, your readers make links to your pages and recommended. 
Finally, if you want your page to be ranked successfully, then this article is for you, just keep reading. 

Some Great SEO Tips And Tricks To Ranked Top In Google

For ranking your blog/web page, first of all you have to fulfill two simple requirement which are listed below-

1- The first requirement to publish on the Internet is the content, which is supposed to be quality, but the most important thing really is that is of interest to the circle of users to be targeted. 

2- The second point is to optimize the site for search engines, which will be sent to you visitors and will largely be the judges who decide if your page has any importance. When we talk about search engine we are referring only to one, namely = GOOGLE search engine. 

Google is a private company, its goal is to have more and more users to use the search engine and other services, so their goal is to keep them satisfied. 
It is important to understand first of all that Google works for users not for websites. They create the necessary conditions and provide information for developers optimize their sites, ie they make the rules that we must follow. 
Does this mean that Google largely depends the success that we have. 
Google may disappear complete sites from their index (already checked after the last change of the algorithm), making small business or even entire companies collapse without any possible claim and even without any information. 
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SEO Tips and Tricks to index a blog post/page quickly in the Google 

Making your Google includes in its index page is essential and the first step in promoting the Web page or site you just created and posted them on the Internet, is a headache for many people today, but nothing difficult. 
Google is a fully automated search engine that uses some software programs known as spiders or bots also automatically located and added during the process of tracking Web constantly thousands of pages. 
When the spiders read a site, take the text on your pages, followed by all links have the same to other pages on the same site, or, external pages that there is some link. 
In addition, they will read the Meta tags or labels where information is specified. 
Spiders look for violations within their standards, and finally deposited the information from their databases. 
In your case if your site is new and there is no reference to the location of the web, you can accelerate this process manually, just follow the rules established that many people ignore or do not comply, which brings failure and frustration many. 

Steps to follow to get Google to index your page

1- First of all the content of your page is key, be sure to provide relevant content that is useful or interesting to someone, whoever he is.
Writes and edits content yourself with your personal style, never copy and paste from any source.
Machines do not read code, so an image-based, site or animation effects will not help much to value your site in the eyes of a search engine.

2- Prioritize your homepage describes the content clearly and accurately, use keywords that attract the interest of people towards which is directed to your page and include them in your content.

3- Consider the title of your page as an aspect of the utmost importance, as is the list that is displayed when you show up in search engines, no less important is the meta tag "Description" (description).

4- The structure of the HTML code or source code, be sure to validate correctly, so that you can use the free service of the W3C:

5- Make sure all links work, you can try just inserting your address in the Link Validator service:

6- It is essential to proper use of Meta Tags and Meta tags, there are several but Google is only interested and observe the following:
<Title> Page Title </ title>
<Meta name = "description" content = "description page" />
<Meta name = "robots" content = "... ..." />
7- Avoid anything can copy any content and publish it on your site to avoid being penalized for duplicate content .
Not enough to give a reference, it is preferable not to copy anything.

8- If your site consists of several pages is advisable to have a sitemap.xml file that contains information of the complete structure of your site and send it to Google.
If your site is easy you simply apply sitemap.txt you can create with Notepad where the URL of every page of the site appears on each line. 

Using Google Webmaster Tools

Finally one of the most important steps after you have your site up and running, is using Google Webmaster Tools . 
It is a free service that allows you to tell Google that we are the owners of a website. 
After show we can use a number of tools to optimize your settings, send sitemaps files, add marked and many other important functions. 
In our panel we can get lots of information, for example the number of indexed pages, the number of external links, traffic statistics, major search queries, etc. 
We receive notifications by mail to any serious problem tracking or malware is detected. 
The only requirement for using the service is to have a Google account. 

How to prove to Google that we own a website?

To register and begin using Google Webmaster Tools, you will be offered a code that you must insert into the HTML code of your page, of course in this way you are proving that you own. 
There are several ways to prove authorship, insert a code on the home page or upload a file to the root of the site. 

How to send a blog or website to Google?

When you're sure to meet the above it was time to ask Google indexing your site, you can do so by accessing the following address: 
Send page to Google 
There are alternative methods which can accelerate this process, and involves other sites you regularly attend robots have links directed to your site, the search engine automatically follow them and so come to you in a natural way. 
They are valid methods so if I advise you never try to use is an illicit practice that can lead to the complete removal of your site from the Google index. If a site has been penalized, it may again no longer appear on the results pages of Google or any of the sites associated with.
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How to know the pages of a web site indexed by Google?

Google recently added a feature in Webmaster Tools called State of indexing, which identifies the indexed pages on a specific site. 
So right now there was no way to know and was always surrounded by an aura of mystery. 
Indexing status appears in the Status menu on the left sidebar. 
In it the number of pages currently in the index have shown. Data up to one year old in the graph appear. 
In the Advanced section additional data is displayed, such as the total number of indexed pages, the cumulative number of crawled pages, the number of blocked pages and those that are not selected for some reason. 
It is ideal for checking the health status of any website tool. 
A cumulative chart as the following, indicating good health of a site where the blue line (that is decisive, total pages indexed) regularly raises its value.  

Using Google Analytics service

With the same Google account that you own you can use the Google Analytics service. It is a free Google tool that enables anyone with a blog page or take real and accurate statistics of access and use of the site offers. Go to Google Analytics 
If you pay for a hosting service from any provider, they will provide access to the statistics of your site and you will see the logs of the accesses, but when you compare the statistics Analytics, see the inaccuracy and the difference proved to statistics Google real service. 
Also if you insert ads on your pages, you can check Analytics by daily revenue generated. 
To use the service you need to insert a tracking code in the HTML code of each page on your site, be sure to insert it just before the closing tag </ head> and not the end of the page as many do. 

There is also many free SEO Tools for website ranking which you can use for ranking your website. These are very important seo tools.

How to Select and Ranked the keyword at the top in Google 

✔ Research the keywords or keywords most used Internet sites that deal with your topic, so that the service can use Google Trends
✔ Choose which keywords you optimize what pages of your site; not only for the homepage, but also to your inner pages. Try each page cover of 2-4 keywords specific to the content of that page.
✔ Include keywords of each page titles, headings (H1, H2 ...) and text.
✔ Include keywords in the text of internal navigation links, so that the key for you to optimize a particular page words are in all links pointing to that page. If as navigation buttons you use images, including the keywords in the ALT tag.
✔ Make sure all your web is navigable in a browser that has Flash and Javascript disabled. 
✔ Exchange links with other webmasters, but this will be more effective if you do it with your own themed websites. 

Precautions to publish content on the Internet

➔ Avoid posting your copyrighted content pages, whatever it is. Business is steady and authors who are owners of copyright, make request to Google to remove search results page URLs that violate their rights. 
Applications over a million weekly, according to Google's 97% of them are accepted. 

➔ Extreme caution when inserting a link on any page, recommending a website is necessary. 
In the fight against web spam, Google penalizes not only the sites that you are involved in this practice, but also the sites that have links that lead to your content. 
Currently after the last change in the algorithm Penguin, many sites have affected its position in the search engine, for having links to sites innocent frowned upon by Google. 
Before offering a link on our pages, you should check if the site is properly-ranked. 

Some Great SEO Tips And Tricks To Ranked Top In Google

Faced with such diversity of social networks completely different internet, we are registered in several of them and we want to be actively involved, alternate solutions need to keep ourselves updated without having to manually enter and publish each. 
Many of us do not have the time to do it regularly and over time we're moving away from some. 
There are several online services that allow you to manage multiple accounts on social networks, but buffer offers the ideal solution. 
How To Publish On Several Social Networking Accounts Simultaneously

Buffer manage Facebook and other social networks

Buffer is an excellent publications manager for accounts in social networks Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. 
It allows you to publish text or images and publications program for the hours that we consider most important. 
It also allows us to consult the statistics of what we publish, to know its extent and whether they are shared. 
We can access or publish directly Buffer using an extension or bookmarklet to the browser.

To start using Buffer follow these steps: 
• Buffer access using the following address:
• Add the accounts to publish content.
• In the window "Settings" Select the hours to publish and if you want to shorten URLs.
• Select the account and enter or upload the image to publish.
• Give a click on the "Buffer" button to add the publication to the queue.

Alternatives to Buffer to post on several social networking accounts

There are several services on the Internet, not with the same functionality Buffer, but that can be very practical for some specific social networks. 

Twitter service for managing multiple accounts on this network. 
Previously also allowed to manage accounts for Facebook, but now only supports Twitter. 

It is ideal because it allows a panel practically manage our accounts or profiles on major social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, Foursquare, WordPress and mixi. 
Can also add in our Apps account to post on other sites like Blogger, MySpace, Instagram, Flickr, YouTube, SlideShare, etc. 
You can write updates, add links, upload photos, monitor comments and follow conversations. 
But not only create simple publications, you can create a blog post full of Wordpress or Blogger. 
We can use it from the PC, but also has applications for your phone or tablet. 
It is accessible to everyone because most can suffice free, limited option to 5 scores. 
For the more demanding it will be necessary to pay for the Pro (9 USD) option, with unlimited options. 
The free account allows to manage plus 5 scores, schedule updates, shorten URL, get statistics and include 2 Facebook RSS feeds. 

Sprout Social and Sendible 
Two powerful alternative to Buffer, but provide no-cost option, only one trial. 

Free to manage multiple Facebook accounts (profiles and pages), Twitter and Linkedin service. 

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Last Words: In this tutorial, I have shared some website which helps you to publish/share your post in several social networking accounts simultaneously. If you have any query regarding this tut, then feel free and ask in comment box.

How To Publish On Several Social Networking Accounts Simultaneously

Everyone who owns a blog or internet website for any reason whatsoever, by simple entertainment, eager to share their knowledge and skills, just in order to earn money, to promote a brand or business, etc, you want this is popular and as more visitors you have, the more you will feel accomplished and your objective will be fulfilled.
Of good intentions are worthless if the rules necessary for a blog or website successful and popular, to no avail that the content thereof is quality if not done because it is not met.
If you first start in the world of the internet publication, you have projects have a personal blog or a website, read the following measures that are a compilation dictated by experience. If you already have your site up and running, also read them, surely some will serve you.
12 Killer Ways To Drive Unlimited Traffic To Your Blog

Measures to increase the popularity and traffic of a blog or web page

1)Most importantly, the content of the page

It is the first and most important factor, of course the goal of any site is to communicate and transmit a message, so your content is essential.
Content that is unique and quality, there is a very true statement that says:
Be unique, be original, be helpful, be urgent and be ultra-specific
The content should be easy to understand, without big words, if possible use popular terms, with your own personal style. None of translations of texts in other languages, and copies of other articles, in both cases will be easy to detect by search engines charge of assessing your publication.
Use text wherever possible rather complemented with images or other multimedia files, peo text is essential.
A related and that influences a lot, factor is the frequency with which it is published, which determines the freshness of a blog or website. 

Tips to publishing content on the Internet

Three golden rules for what you publish in your blog or page 
✓ Write what people want, not on what you want to publish. 
✓ Your article must meet a need. 
✓ Your post should go beyond what is expected. Do not settle for writing an article again, try to do it better than others.

By posting any post or page, you must always keep in mind the following:
The user:
• No time,
• No computer knows,
• He has no patience,
• Not known technology,
• Do not know web design,
• Do not know English,
• Not to try everything,
• You do not want anything complicated.

2)Do SEO of blog post

Optimizing a website with a view to the search engines is a task known as SEO. SEO means "search engine optimization" (Search Engine Optimization).
Search engines are the main source of Internet traffic, generally any website between 60% and up over 90% of the traffic you receive, is sent for them.
When we mentioned search engines Google we're talking about 90%, the rest is shared among Bing, Yahoo and others.

Meet the technical details of the website

  •  Take care that there are no broken links on your site, check them regularly, for it uses the W3C tool available at: validator and link checker . 
  • You only need to enter your URL at the end reviews the report and repair the mark. 
  •  In blogs Wordpres and Blogger is not necessary, but if you have your own site is very important to properly validate the HTML code of the pages whenever any change is made, so that the service uses W3C: HTML Validator 
  •  No less important is validate CSS: CSS Validator 
  • •Validates the RSS feed: RSS Validator

3)Use of news feeds or RSS feeds

Used wisely and exploits the benefits of the sources of news or RSS feeds.
Very popular and practical system that can ensure a safe amount of visitors, as it enables interested readers updated on the site content each time you post something new or any changes made in the content.
There is a large and growing number of users who use RSS readers on your local computer, which only access the sites that are notified that there is new content.
While each program access these file the RSS feed on your site, counts as one visit, so logically, if you have 100 subscribers to your newsletter readers are potential hits every time you publish something new.
There are sites and blogs that over 60% of visits come from feeds generated by publishing content.
All blogs, either WordPress or Blogger automatically generates a feed file rss readers can automatically find just by entering the address of the blog, but websites need to landlords believe it, either manually or through programs available network .

4)Use the possibilities offered by social networks

Social networks like Facebook, Twitter and others are currently most visited sites on the Internet, communication and sharing of links and suggestions on those sites is enormous. They offer multiple possibilities for the distribution of information and we can use them to generate traffic.
If you do not have a Twitter account get one free here: Create an account on Twitter , it will be of benefit, it is possible that the user name matches that of your blog or site.
If you do not already have an account on Facebook you get one free here: Create an account on Facebook .
You can use and benefit from them to increase traffic to your site in several ways. 
Use this Facebook Auto Group Poster(Wefblee) to share your link in multiple groups in one click.
Check this post to learn how to use Facebook Auto Group Poster

5)Comment on other blogs related to your blog topic

If you have the time you post comments on other blogs and issues of yours, sharing sites and forums that allow leave a link to your site or blog, if your comment is interesting and brings something useful, you'll probably get views. 

6)Participate in Yahoo Answers

Answers questions on Yahoo! Answers related to your topic and insert links to your site to complement the answers. 

7)Publish your post in article directories

If you have knowledge of a topic that may be of interest to readers and ease of writing, publishing articles in article directories, is what is known as article marketing.
It is one of the most efficient ways to create attention to your site or blog and even to obtain valuable links as article directories usually are well valued by search engines. 

8)Create and publish PDF files for sharing and downloading

You can easily convert your own content articles in the popular PDF format and upload it to sites to share and give the possibility to download it. The links included in the file created will generate visits your site. To create PDF files, you must have installed programs like OpenOffice or Microsoft Office. You can upload them to the following sites: Scribd: Docstoc: AuthorStream: Calameo:
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9)Create and publish presentations to share and download

You can easily convert your own articles Popular content using PowerPoint presentations and uploading them to sites to share and give the possibility to download them. The links that accompany the presentation created generate visits to your site.
You can upload them to sites like:

10)Create and publish videos on YouTube to share and download

The PowerPoint presentations can easily convert them to video if you have the latest version of Office. The video you can upload it to YouTube . The links in your page of this site, if the video posted is interesting, sent many visits to your site. 

11)Create a survey or voting on your site

Create a survey or vote on anything controversial. Sites like given the opportunity to register and generate a script that when inserted into your blog or page will create a widget where you can vote on different options and even access to surveys of the votes achieved by each option.
For example, "What is the best web browser?" Then different boxes where you can choose one and vote. 

12)Add images in your articles

It includes images related to the theme on each page and blog you post. They add value. Make images of your site to appear in search results of Google Images. A very effective way to increase the number of visitors to a site, which can provide the results of searches done on Google Images. A site that has images on your pages that can be useful, is able to receive an extra percentage of visitors (up to 30% or more) thanks to them, is an additional method of promoting content. 
This requires that the folder containing the images will not be blocked by the robots.txt file, the images possess the necessary description in the ALT tags and include the images in the sitemap file on your site.

12 Killer Ways To Drive Unlimited Traffic To Your Blog