Funny But Useful Tricks With YouTube

I know all of you are  familiar with the world's best videos website 'YouTube' . From all over the world youtube is the largest video streaming channel. You always go to youtube whenever you wish to see latest release song / video, funny videos , live sports , tech and tricks videos , any incident video , the show which you missed and more. Today I will not show you any video on youtube but it is much better than a video. Previous I had shared a topic which was 'Funny Tricks With Google' and today I am going to share 'Funny But Useful Tricks With Youtube' These tricks gives you more efficient and better way to use 'YouTube'. So lets start with exciting Youtube tricks.

Funny But Useful Tricks With YouTube

1.Set Own Start Time:

Some  times you  share a video with your friends on Youtube and want the focus on the main part of video so you inform them the time from where they should start watching the video. But it can become more easy if you set a own start time of video from where you want to get focus. You can do this by just adding a simple code in the URL.

Let your video URL is http ://

Just simply add ”#t=02m05s ” at the of URL at the time of sharing the video and it will start from 2 Minute and 05 Seconds instead of the starting point.

2.Auto Replay The Video:

Just like a VLC / Windows Media Player/ Gom Player or any other where you can easly loop and replay your video for infinite times , In youtube you can also do the same thing. Just replace the Youtube from the Video URL with infinitelooper and hit enter. In pc we easily loop our favourite videos but from now you can loop youtube videos also.

Original URL :
Modified URL :

3.Watching Video With Slow Speed Internet :

Youtube is always takes care of their visitors which comes from different countries as well as different  internet connections some have very fast and some have very slow speed. Youtube provides a feature name 'Feather Beta' which allows their users to enjoy video also if they have very slow speed internet connection. Click here to use this feature...

 4.Search Accurate Keyword:

Youtube is the biggest video streaming channel on internet and so whenever you search any video from its title , you get thousands of results with the same keyword which arise confusion. It is very challenging task to find the video which you want to watch. But for this there is also a simple trick by using you get the same video which you are finding with no unuseful or inappropriate stuff.

Just add 'allintitle'  in the beginning of  keyword by which you are searching and it will only show results having exactly same keywords.

5. Play Videos In HD by Default:

This trick is for you if you have high speed internet connection and you love watching video in HD. In youtube channels videos have default settings , videos start with low quality so it can stream at faster rate but if you want that all videos when you start to be played in HD then you have to install an Add-on in your browser named ' Magic Actions For Youtube' . This Add-on is available for both google chrome as well as Mozilla Firefox . Just install this Add-on in your browser to enable the Auto HD function.

Last words: These five youtube tricks helps you to use youtube in better and new way. You can amaze your friends with these tricks. These tricks are very useful and this will save your lots of time. So at the end I request you to give feedback to support us. Thanks for visit and please keep visit.

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